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MLP OCs: Caution and Cyniquote by ABrightSide MLP OCs: Caution and Cyniquote :iconabrightside:ABrightSide 3 2 My daily life 86 by ABrightSide My daily life 86 :iconabrightside:ABrightSide 1 3 MLP OCs: Tease Talk and Air Travel by ABrightSide MLP OCs: Tease Talk and Air Travel :iconabrightside:ABrightSide 4 0 My daily life 85 by ABrightSide My daily life 85 :iconabrightside:ABrightSide 1 7
Power of a bad idea

In a Cloudsdale library, a teal pegasus was walking around the tables when she saw a pony reading a history book. She approached him and said, "Hey, what are you reading?"
"History of Cloudsdale."
"I'm a history professor. I know all this, but it never hurts to revise. I can show you where I got this if you want."
"History... you know, unicorns were historically pretty bad ponies?"
"Huh, are you talking about the sun ransom?"
"Yeah, can you believe that? They lowered the sun and told the pegasi that unless they bring less rain, they'll make it too hot to fly ever again. Like they know proper weather control more than us. And now they pretend it never happened."
"That was hundreds of years ago, it doesn't matter anymore."
Snowstorm nudged him and said, "You're a history teacher. Do you even hear yourself? The past has an effect on the present: all the buildings in the present were built in the past, all the trees in the present were pla
:iconabrightside:ABrightSide 2 8
Cautionary tale by ABrightSide Cautionary tale :iconabrightside:ABrightSide 4 0 Posing with Kartoffelkamm by ABrightSide Posing with Kartoffelkamm :iconabrightside:ABrightSide 5 3 My daily life 84 by ABrightSide My daily life 84 :iconabrightside:ABrightSide 1 3 My daily life 83 by ABrightSide My daily life 83 :iconabrightside:ABrightSide 2 7 My daily life 82 by ABrightSide My daily life 82 :iconabrightside:ABrightSide 2 14 I don't want to live on the moon (contest entry) by ABrightSide I don't want to live on the moon (contest entry) :iconabrightside:ABrightSide 2 0
Switch no duty

In the Changeling kingdom, a dirty-green changeling was in the safety forum, waiting for his turn to talk to the therapist. It was a calming atmosphere, the weather was sunny and the rocks were covered in plants. The changeling, however, didn't look calm. It was his turn to speak.
"Everyone, I'm Switch."
Everybody replied, "Hi, Switch."
One of the Changelings in the forum whispered, "Oh, so that's the one with the weird glowing wings."
The changelings looked at her angrily while Switch said, "Well, it beats "the one who kept looking for Chrysalis"..."
The therapist said, "We'll deal with that later. Now tell us what's bothering you, Switch."
"It's a long story. I hope you have time for it."
"We do. Now tell us."
"I was with my friend Symmetry, doing the usual work...
Switch was with a blue, striped changeling. He was chiseling a rock with a pick-shaped hoof while his friend was instructing him, "Little more off of that side... and it's done!
:iconabrightside:ABrightSide 0 12
My daily life 81 by ABrightSide My daily life 81 :iconabrightside:ABrightSide 2 2 My daily life 80 by ABrightSide My daily life 80 :iconabrightside:ABrightSide 2 3
The snowball war

It was the first snow day in Ponyville. All the streets were white and all the roofs were extra thick. On a field near Ponyville, an earth pony was walking around with a living first aid kit on his back.
"Stay on me, Kit, you're too short to walk in the snow. It's quite a layer today."
He scooped up a snowball and looked around: "Where is Cyniquote? We should've received 3 aerial attacks by now."
Suddenly, a snowball hit Gear in the back of the head. He turned around and saw a snow pile.
He threw Kit in the air and he looked around. When he fell down, he rattled the medicine inside him.
"Two high and one low rattle. You saw Cyniquote!"
The orange pegasus stood up and said, "Took you guys a while to notice me. I really though my black mane would be my undoing."
"You... hid in a pile of snow?"
"It's a fort, can't you tell?"
Cyniquote was silent for a second, but then he said, "This is my first time playing defensively, OK!?"
"A fort? G
:iconabrightside:ABrightSide 1 2
Early christmas gift by ABrightSide Early christmas gift :iconabrightside:ABrightSide 7 3


Fitting Fool
There is a story in everything right now,
but who is in the right to tell it,
I couldn't be just me,
and it can't be just you,
there is no just here in sight,
in more to say that this is an us story,
more into say that it takes crowd to be a problem,
more than a loner causing trouble and duos of tangos,
there is much more here,
but how things could be in the end,
is a story that could be anything,
though of it is planned out,
the start and ending will always be the same,
yet the middle is where all the fun goes into,
we always say hi and goodbye,
but what happens between those moments,
are a new volume that can't be reached,
as it is something that can't be simply share,
but we have no problem in letting others in,
for they too just want the drama and chaos,
for how else it could end,
we just don't know,
thrilling while likely shitting ourselves,
oh sure,
we could play it safe from start to end,
and act like nothing could go wrong,
hide away history and self design the future,
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 6 0
My Little Creeps From The Deeps - Ch. 3 P.17
 Shell whispered: "I really don´t think we should do this." Coral, also whispering asked: "Why not?" Shell answered: "What if someone sees us?" The two ocean ponies were sneaking through the desert, heading towards the site where a pony named Umbra was building a hotel, in order to get back to New Manehattan. Coral asked: "Why can´t we take the train, anyway?" Shell answered: "Because of a disease that only affects earth ponies. We can´t cross the town borders without having to go through a series of tests to see if we´re infected, and one of these tests includes a magic aura scan, so they would discover our powers." Despite the stars providing a decent amount of light, Shell still used his sixth sense to keep an eye on the surrounding area, in case anything tried to sneak up behind them. Coral used her sonar to see what was going on at the lake they were heading to, and as the echo reached her, she said: "I guess we have a problem." Shell asked: "Why?" Coral a
:iconkartoffelkamm:Kartoffelkamm 1 0
Double love misunderstand page 29 (end) by Helsaabi Double love misunderstand page 29 (end) :iconhelsaabi:Helsaabi 9 7
My Little Creeps From The Deeps - Ch. 3 P. 16
 The elevator opened, and Shell and Coral found themselves in the basement of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. It was a large room, half as big as the town above it, filled with shelves full of various things, ranging from boxes with random items in them to boxes filled with magical items. The duo walked through the halls for almost an entire day and looked for anything that could help them find out where Kelp was, but eventually returned to the elevator. On the way up, Coral said: "You know, I could really use something to eat right now." Shell said: "Me too."
 Shell and Coral left the elevator in the floor with the rooms they´ve been given and, after ordering the room service and getting something to eat, both went to bed. The next morning, after breakfast, Coral asked: "So, what do we do today?" Shell answered: "I´d say the same as yesterday. We try to find out who turned Rusty and Torch into vampires, then ask them why they want to keep us from finding Steam Forge." Co
:iconkartoffelkamm:Kartoffelkamm 1 0
Sachen Records Ch.3 1stSpecialAssultBrigade Part3
 "Oh, Forgive me Nassel. That information is classified. Along with my age, all my private information has the same clasification as my armor."
 "Its okay. I should be the one asking for forgiveness. it was a stupid question to ask, every country that gave Syria support or supplies, no matter how small have seen huge consequences.
 It`s no surprise that its classified. "
 Nassel said with a bitter smile,to which the people in the BTR-80, exculuding Habib for he was sleeping, nodded to the Regiment Commander`s word.
 "All members of the Coalition of the willing in the Middle East fell under a large number of terrorist attacks which made them leave the Coalition. Russia fell under a civil war. Iraq and Iran are fighting off at the border with their fingernails."
 Hossein murmured as he finished cleaning his assult rifle. Bella realised that he didnt mention about the United.States, she also understood the reason to why.
 "Thats onl
:iconfriend711:FRIEND711 3 18
Pinkie Piepants:EQG:Pinkie Pie Meets the Strangler
Pinkie Pie: Wait for it... [clock changes to 8:00. Pinkie Pie punches in then jumps in the air. The scene pauses her in mid-air]
Automated Voice: On Time Percentage: 100%. [the scene starts again. Adagio walks up to the time clock]
Adagio Dazzle:: Another day, another migraine. Heh, heh, mi... [scene pauses again]
Automated Voice: On Time Percentage: 12%. [the screen un-pauses]
Adagio Dazzle:: ...graine. Heh, heh, heh.
Pinkie Pie: Ahh, isn't it great working at Sugarcube Corner, Dagi? Huh? Isn't it? Working here?
Adagio Dazzle:: Yeah, great.
Pinkie Pie: Yeah.
Adagio Dazzle:: Yeah.
Pinkie Pie: Aww, yeah.
Adagio Dazzle:: [getting annoyed] Yes!
Pinkie Pie: Hold that thought, Cranky. I'm doing the parking lot for early morning litter patrol. May Celestia shine brightly on my harvest. [laughs. Pinkie Pie walks out with a bag and a long, pointy tool] Litter. [picks up trash] Looks like someone missed the trash basket, huh, Mr. Candy Wrapper? [laughs] Kids these days. [another piece of trash
:iconvenjix5:venjix5 4 5
Practice, fluttershy queen forest by Buchner-Art Practice, fluttershy queen forest :iconbuchner-art:Buchner-Art 10 3 im quitting deviant art (for now?) by PepperScratch im quitting deviant art (for now?) :iconpepperscratch:PepperScratch 34 15
Sands Worth
I could never tell with those ace-high blokes,
couldn't say I wouldn't laugh if they keeled,
that's a given out on they could have been,
heartless mongrels they were at times,
they wanted respect as that's their entitlement,
just a flat yet that slips by the lips,
I can't seem to want to give it to them,
one lone star brighter than a thousands,
make it sound like others owned them something,
I'm mighty sorry but that is just ain't everyone,
and for the poor few to believe that,
or even thinking an ace-high is worth,
a huge fucking damn,
good luck to the lot of you so blind,
so flicked with self made pride,
and loathing away into the darkness,
may you be happy little tumbleweeds,
rolling to the beat of the sands,
never really lost while never really knowing,
the way you never paved to have,
ace-high cracker jack jokes the lot are,
a pity to most and a comedy of lies,
blended to smooth,
a fucking roadside elephant could drown,
they'll get the wins of this card game,
it's just not in
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 5 0
Not Your Average Hybrid by SpyroD Not Your Average Hybrid :iconspyrod:SpyroD 2 0
RWBY God Incarnated Prologue
#2 Prologue
Signal Academy
It was another sunny day at signal as all the students were getting ready for the history exam, study is very importing but to the street ally’s known by only as the dust rider who the students at signal called them the low life cannon fodder who don’t care about and class work just fight Grimm’s and criminal’s like the white fang.
Their leader David takoshi is well known around here in signal since his grandfather is the prime minister that keeps all the known kingdom government and is the one founded the dust rider gang; Takoshi is also respected by the other students in signal as a genesis in combat strategy and tactics. A Quick history on who are the dust ride, the dust Rider are a group of anti-government who believer that all the kingdom our taking over by atlas and the schnne dust company and that they don’t give a damn about the civilians who don’t have a job or even a home to live as some of the people have lost th
:iconredrangerki:redrangerki 2 0
Sachen Records Ch.3 1stSpecialAssultBrigade Part2
 Bella was sitting across from Sargent Mager Nassel, she had closed her eyes and looked to the floor of the BTR-80, as if she was making a silent prayer. 
 On her lap was a vector submachinegun and a short sword. 
Nassel focused his sight on the short sword, the submachinegun was a standard issue for a commando, not worth taking a look. But at the sword, Nassel's eyes were nailed at it. 
 He knew that it was impolite to just stare, but he couldn't help himself. 
The swords cross guard was shaped like a grail, most likely imaged off from the Holy Grail, it had a design made with the color ruby red and emerald green, it looked expensive. 
 Like a sword that belonged to a wealthy Europian aristocrat. It made Nassel wonder, where was Bella from? 
 Her name was Italian based, that much he knew, but he also knew that most Europian countries use each nations names one way or the other, it wasn't even that uncommon to hear that name in the
:iconfriend711:FRIEND711 4 4
Contest! [CLOSED]
Still accepting submissions until I choose a winner.
Submissions also seemed to have disappeared so if you don't see yours please inform me.  
I was gonna wait till I reached 300 Watchers to do this but I thought I'd start kicking off the new year with a contest.
31st of January 2018

(Due to current issues, I'm keeping the deadline the same but choosing a winner may take some time)
This contest will have 3 themes due to 3 way Poll tie.
Draw My OC
Design A Character
Draw Your OC in a Sad Scene
I am keeping the rules pretty simple.
-No Stealing
-No Harassing Others
-Anyone can join
-Please comment you're joining
-Feel free to join more than 1 contest (you won't win all 3)
-Feel free to submit as many entries as you like (won't increase your chances of winning)
-Make sure to clarify which contest you're entering when submitting.
-If drawing my OC's make sure to tag me as the owner
-When submitting please make sure I am tagge
:iconnovatity:Novatity 15 59
Real Now
So it has come to this,
is where it lies in a sleeping bear,
no others issues about it,
there was nothing else to be done,
were it anything else in the means now,
no one would be calling it quits,
looking at the facts here now,
believing so easily by another's mouth,
and not on their own accounts,
what could be in danger,
is a wake that no one is planning to see,
until the fear becomes real,
and in a battle like this,
is trying to rid the fear the best way,
will it civil and calm,
proudly now in words,
that would be a huge goddamn no,
vast of voices being harsh waves,
against the beach right now,
to make sand out of once still rocks,
are breaking now and slipping through,
the fingers that once held on,
but even with the best strength an ant,
could have an science logic,
the grip will slip soon,
blistered in more than one color,
taking a drink of water not safe,
though said to be safe here,
when it couldn't quite be,
but still by words that sound,
so ease as it goes,
one takes a risky d
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 2 0
MLP:The movie-memories
WARNING:Contains spoilers
Hello guys!As I said,I watched MLP movie yesterday,and I said I will share my memories/thoughts so yea here it is! :D
*drawing adopts and listening to music*
*looking at recommendations*
O look,this is the Songbird Serenade!I wonder how he sounds,most of the people love her
*listening and watching the video*
I will just prepare some snacks,tea and watch he movie.Also  phone battery is 100%!Oh,cool,the movie is on dailymotion!
*gets tea,chocolate and nuts,starts watching*
*remembers*"oh...people watched it 2 months ago on theater...BUT WHO CARES?I AM WATCHING THE MLP MOVIE"
Wow this is so go-o look Fluttershy!
Yo Tempest,why are you  so early?...WAIT WTF CELESTIA?
"Queen of the hippos"
Pffft I am sure it is one kind of ponies
*the ending of the movie*
:iconaminaislam:AminaIslam 1 0
Version Truth
Freedom is that is given,
freedom is by how you take,
freedom comes to those who earned it,
freedom goes to those who can't be alone,
though somehow now,
freedom is more of a word,
freedom has become bargain chip,
freedom goes to those when it's convenient,
freedom becomes a lie within truth,
though how about now,
just for a second,
we try and be people here for a moment,
close our eyes and speak with another,
and if they speak another language,
or the words as so thick and melted,
push that aside,
and believe for a moment,
they are no different than you,
stretch for a thought there,
that maybe for most that would be hard,
but what those on the side of the coin,
the ones that don't know easy,
but things should never become easy,
no spoon feeding here,
what has happen is come and over,
we should be mature enough,
to look at some from the past,
and not feel that it should be gone,
feel the guilt,
feel the pain,
feel the happiness,
feel the emotions of them all,
but never wipe away the fa
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 2 0



MLP OCs: Caution and Cyniquote
Hey guys, it's been a while since I've drawn something. Common excuse, but I had a lot of exams. They're over for now. More good news, I finally came up with a good situation to showcase the OCs above

He works as Ponyville's safety inspector. Although, with his magic, he can protect Ponyville in a few other ways.

Full name: Caution Level

Personality: Paranoid and protective. He likes cleaning and gets easily disgusted. He enjoys tea, soothing music and anything that calms the nerves. He's polite and peaceful, but willing to fight if it means protecting others.

Powers and abilities: He has low level telekinesis and knows a few beginner spells, but he's very experienced with barriers. He can make them any shape and size he wants. His biggest barriers can protect or trap a small group of ponies. He can also choose to make his barriers obey gravity, or even lend them to other ponies. He's a little scared of his own strength.

A movie critic and an occasional fighter against evil. He thinks everyone in Ponyville is crazy, but he's not any better.

Full name: Cyniquote Verbum

Personality: Stubborn, bossy and short tempered. He enjoys movies, puzzle games and being active. He's honest and has a strong sense of fairness. He nitpicks and gets taken over by his anger sometimes, but he's learning to control it. Despite all the complaints and quips he dishes out and receives, he cares a lot about his friends.

Powers and abilities: His flying and physical strength are both above average. He can control weather, but lightning bolts are his specialty. He's smart, but somewhat uncreative. He's determined enough to resist mind control and has a grain of fourth wall awareness.
My daily life 86
I dare you to have a fight without calling anyone a Nazi or an SJW. :)
MLP OCs: Tease Talk and Air Travel
After so long, I'm continuing the updated series. I wanted to do Caution and Cyniquote next, but I still can't think of a good pose for them.

Tease Talk
A pegasus living in Ponyville. Owner of a prank toy store. She's always teasing her friends, but when she's not, she's looking out for them.

Full name: Tease Talk Verbum

Personality: Laid back and a bit lazy. She uses humor to either lighten up a bad situation or annoy her friends, her brother especially. On the other hand, she is friendly and when she wants to, really affectionate.

Powers and abilities: Flight and weather control, especially causing hailstorms. She's good at mimicking voices, three guesses on what she uses that talent for the most. Her annoyance can also be useful in a fight.

Air Travel
A bat-pony living in Canterlot, but because of all the friends she's made there (not to mention her boyfriend), Ponyville is like a second home to her. She used to work as a royal guard, but now she's one of Canterlot's tour guides.

Full name: Air Travel Lodestar

Personality: She likes to travel and does it as often as she can. She's ditzy, but curious. Her gullibleness can get her in trouble, but her energy and boldness can just as easily get her out.

Powers and abilities: Enhanced hearing and a few years of military experience. Her tail is strong compared to other pony kinds, but she likes sleeping in a bed better. She's awake during the night, but doesn't need to sleep much during the day either.
My daily life 85
You know, I noticed a lot of my readers are girls. Hopefully that doesn't change. :)
Power Of A Bad Idea Cover by ABrightSide

In a Cloudsdale library, a teal pegasus was walking around the tables when she saw a pony reading a history book. She approached him and said, "Hey, what are you reading?"

"History of Cloudsdale."


"I'm a history professor. I know all this, but it never hurts to revise. I can show you where I got this if you want."

"History... you know, unicorns were historically pretty bad ponies?"

"Huh, are you talking about the sun ransom?"

"Yeah, can you believe that? They lowered the sun and told the pegasi that unless they bring less rain, they'll make it too hot to fly ever again. Like they know proper weather control more than us. And now they pretend it never happened."

"That was hundreds of years ago, it doesn't matter anymore."

Snowstorm nudged him and said, "You're a history teacher. Do you even hear yourself? The past has an effect on the present: all the buildings in the present were built in the past, all the trees in the present were planted in the past and most importantly, all the unicorns in the present were raised by the unicorns of the past."

The pony replied, "I didn't think about it that way... you're right, we need to do something about them."

He stretched out his hoof, "My name is Wind Time. Yours?"

She shook his hoof and replied, "Snowstorm Justice. And I'm going to live up to that name. Get a classroom ready, I'll meet you at your school this afternoon."

She walked away, but he stopped her, "Wait, I didn't tell you what school I teach in."

"Oh, sorry..."

Down in Ponyville, another pegasus was looking up, ready for a short trip to the cloudy city. A unicorn was digging through his saddlebag, "Okay, you have your bits, your water, your identification..."

"Caution! I'm just going for a short trip to Cloudsdale, it doesn't matter much if I forgot something."

"Sorry... why are you going again?"

"Air Travel complained that I could've bought a souvenir for her the last time I was up there, but I didn't. I would tell her to get it herself, but she can't walk on clouds."

"I see. Well, have fun and don't forget what we told you about Snowstorm."

"I won't, see ya!", Cyniquote said as he flew away.

Snowstorm walked down the ice-looking street. Everything was made from either clouds or white stone. Every pony around her was a pegasus, but she wasn't satisfied. She saw a police pony flying and patrolling. She flew to her and say, "Excuse me, officer, I'd like to report a crime."

She got out her notes and said, "Oh, sure, who do you want to report?"


"Which unicorns?"

"All of them. They're all criminals."

"Lady, you do know slander is a crime, right?"

"It's only slander if I'm lying. You know, I spent my childhood in Canterlot and I once got a hold of some crime statistics."

"Umm... what did they say?"

"Statistically speaking, unicorns commit more break-ins and pickpocket more than any other kind of pony. And that's even adjusting for population. You're free to check them if you want."

"C'mon, no pony kind is better or worse than others."

Snowstorm tapped her shoulder in comfort, "I'd like to believe that too, but numbers don't lie. If we were all equally good, wouldn't the numbers reflect that?"

"I can't argue with that..."

"Meet me at High Stratus High School when your shift ends. You want to fight crime, I'm your mare."

Meanwhile, Cyniquote was searching though the city, thinking, "C'mon, where's a souvenir shop? I know this isn't the most popular tourist attraction, but there's gotta be one around here... oh, there it is!"

He approached the building, but it was overcrowded and filled with ponies arguing. He was about to step in, but though, "No, I gotta keep my anger in check and this isn't urgent."

He sat on a bench opposite the store and waited for the crowd to disperse. Snowstorm sat beside him and "Hey..."

"Stop. I gotta concentrate on that store. There will be a perfect opportunity to come in, but I have to be ready", said Cyniquote, his eyes not moving away from the store.

"Okay, you don't have to look at me. You're Cyniquote, right? The movie critic who almost beat Rainbow Dash in a race?"

"I'd rather be famous without being compared to others, but thank you."

Snowstorm scratched her chin and decided on her words, "You're a movie critic. You've probably noticed some issues with representation in movies, right?"

Still staring at the store, Cyniquote replied, "Well, I've noticed that a lot of villains are unicorns. That kind of sends a wrong message to ponies. Or maybe I'm just looking too deeply into it."

"Wait, that's not where this was supposed to go! There's too many unicorn heroes!"

"Snowstorm?", Cyniquote asked as he turned and looked at the mare.

"How do you know my name?"

"Oh, I don't know, maybe because you harassed my sister and brother-in-law!"

"Tease Talk did say she had a brother... small world."

"I'm a critic, I know stories need a few coincidences to work. But I'm going off topic. Caution and Tease Talk warned me about you."

Snowstorm didn't let her guard down, "What did they say?"

"They told me that if I met you here, I should leave you alone because you're relatively harmless. But if you prove me wrong, I'll break my promise."

Cyniquote angrily walked away.

Snowstorm thought, "Shame... he would be an excellent hero if he wasn't so misguided. And now I sound like the unicorns..."

Later on, she was in a middle of talking to clerk at a candy store. The clerk said, "Don't you think it's unfair to judge all unicorns based on a few bad ones?"

"Maybe, but think about this."

Snowstorm grabbed a bowl of sample candy and said, "Say that ten percent of candy in this bowl was poisoned, and they look exactly the same as the safe ones. Would you still take one, or would you get as far away from the bowl as possible?"

The clerk sighed and said, "I would get rid of the bowl..."

Good, now if you want to pull that off, go to High Stratus High School when your shift ends.

Cyniquote walked the street, thinking, "I waited so long for the store to empty up, but I couldn't find anything that looked good. Maybe there's another store somewhere."

As he walked, he overheard Snowstorm talking to an electrician taking care of a streetlamp. He was in the middle of explaining, "The pegasi complained that the light was too bright, so we have to weaken it. I guess the works in Canterlot underestimated the eyes of pegasi, heh."

"Yet another clue they don't care about us..."

"C'mon, I was just kidding."

"But I wasn't. You know, I grew up in Canterlot. A classmate once turned my legs into rubber and... stop laughing!"


Snowstorm got to her point, "If a filly unicorn has that much power, imagine what an adult can do. And they do nothing to restrain that power. Clearly they want to be the superior ponies."

"I never though about it that way..."

"Come with me, there's a lot you don't think right about."

Snowstorm dragged him away as Cyniquote watched. He decided to follow them from a safe distance. The two ponies entered a high school. Cyniquote wondered, "Isn't it Saturday?"

He entered and heard Snowstorm's voice from a distance. He walked the hallways of the school. It had blue walls, many lockers and items on high shelves. He complained, "Woe to anypony who comes here with a broken wing."

He put his ear on one of the doors and heard Snowstorm start her lecture, "Good afternoon, everyone. I see most of you brought your friends here. Dinner's on me after we're done here. Consider it a thank you."

Cyniquote, still eavesdropping, thought, "I wanna see where this is going."

Snowstorm said, "I had the worst experience finding a job in Cloudsdale. Every time some unicorn was "more qualified than me" when it came to weather control. Don't those unicorn know pegasi are the best at that?"

Cyniquote slammed the door open and saw a classroom with eleven ponies, "What are you doing!?"

One of the pegasi said, "Hey, you're that guy who almost beat Rainbow Dash."

"First of all, I have a name. Second of all, what are you trying to do, Snowstorm?"

Snowstorm replied, "I'm going to teach these ponies about the world and how to change it."

Cyniquote bluntly said, "Yeah, you're dangerous. I'm sure the principal will love to hear that you're using their school for a pegasus supremacist meeting."

Snowstorm pointed at him and turned to her students, "After him!"

Ponies started to approach him, but Cyniquote shoved them off. Two pegasi grabbed each front hoof, but Cyniquote started flying and shaking, making them let go. Snowstorm threatened him, "Keep fighting, even you can't beat ten ponies at once."

Cyniquote flew away, but ponies chased him. He pushed the lockers on a pony and threw clocks and potted plants from the shelves on another. He threw a pegasus into his coworker and knocked them both down. None of those things were enough to knock the ponies out, though. They kept chasing him through the halls and Cyniquote started to slow down, "Ugh... this would be easier if I didn't spent the day walking and flying around the town."

Snowstorm's students ganged up on him. Cyniquote punched, kicked and resisted for a few minutes, but the ponies each grabbed a leg and finally subdued him. Snowstorm approached him. Cyniquote looked away and said, "Well, I still took a while to get captured..."

"Yes, you did. You're strong, but you can't fight an idea by tattling and throwing things. Ideas are invincible."

"You stole that from a movie!"

"Shut up!"

Snowstorm's group tied up Cyniquote's mouth and body with two gym ropes and locked him in their classroom's broom closet.

"And that distraction is taken care of."

One of the pegasi raised her hoof, "I don't know, isn't this bit extreme?"

"If we didn't do that, he would've told our plans to ponies who aren't ready yet. He fought for Ponyville plenty of times, I wish he could fight for his like that."

All Cyniquote could do is rest, restore his strength and listed to Snowstorm's rants, "Canterlot has too many unicorns, but we can go to Ponyville today and show them our way. I can't believe they think pegasi and unicorns can live in peace."

Back in Ponyville, Cyniquote's friend was sitting on a bench in a park, thinking, "Huh, he should've come back by now. What if something happened to him?"

Scenarios rolled through his head, but Caution stopped them, "No, that's just paranoia speaking! He probably didn't bring enough bits... And that's why I'm gonna go to Cloudsdale! To get him more bits, of course."

Caution formed a barrier around him, raised it and started floating to Cloudsdale."

Meanwhile, Cyniquote was still in the broom closet, forced to listen to Snowstorm. He thought, "Ugh, if only I was as good at fighting as I am in arguing. Then again, maybe the latter will be enough. Maybe I can just expose her as part-unicorn. Then again, I should focus on the arguments, not the one who said them. Hmm..."

Snowstorm was about to finish her lecture, "What else did I leave out... oh, yeah. There's a pony down there who flies with mechanical wings."

The electrician said, "That sounds awesome."

"It's not awesome, it's mockery. Why doesn't he build mechanical feathers to clean up, or give himself cramps when he sleeps on the side? That unicorn thinks we're a toy or something."

Cyniquote was still listening and struggling, "He's an earth pony and he won't be attacked by you, I swear it..." He got himself out of the ropes and started to punch the wall, "I just gotta persist."

A pony in the back called Snowstorm, "Excuse me, I head punching noises from the closet. Should we check up on him?"

"Don't be ridiculous, a pony can't break a wall with just punching."

After a while, they heard the noises of the wall breaking. Snowstorm rushed to unlock the door, but when she entered, she saw that the broom closet was empty and that there was a big hole in the wall.

"I'm only gonna say this once... I should keep my mouth shut."

Cyniquote was flying as quickly as possible, shaking his front hooves, "Ow... glad I wasn't punching with my wings. Gotta get to Ponyville and gather my friends, maybe we canOOF!"

He slammed into Caution's floating barrier, "What are you doing here?"

"I thought you were... low on bits or something, so wanted to help you."

"Bits are my last concern now!"

Snowstorm and her pegasi flew over to them, "Get out of our way, we're needed in your town."

Caution commented, "But this is the sky, we're not a obstacle."

Cyniquote told Caution, "They stuffed me in a broom closet, trap them!"

Without question, Caution formed barriers around all the pegasi. They tried to push and hit, but they couldn't get out. One of the ponies yelled, "This is an abuse of power!"

Cyniquote said, "You guys chased me down and tied me up. Whatever you wanted to do in Ponyville, it wouldn't be good."

Snowstorm turned to Caution and gloated, "Go ahead and trap us. Shining Armor's barrier couldn't last forever, what chance does your unicorn friend have?"

Caution asked, "You still don't know my name?"

Cyniquote said, "We do have a chance because there's one strategy we haven't tried."

"And what's that?"

"We're gonna talk to you."

Cyniquote approached one of the ponies and pointed at him, "You, why do you hate unicorns?"

"They're too powerful. I mean, just look at what your friend did."

"My friend's been through a bunch of adventures. You use magic a lot, you get good at it, that's how it works. And what do you care if he's powerful or not? He didn't get that power by stealing it from anypony, he earned it."

"But he's dangerous."

"Just because he's strong, doesn't mean he's dangerous. Celestia's the most powerful pony in Equestria, how many times did she use her powers for evil?"

The pony frowned and said, "Never..."

Caution approached one and heard his excuse, "Unicorns oppressed ponies in the past."

"Yeah, that's a shame, but what do we in the present have to do with it?"

"You guys were raised by the unicorns of the past."

"That doesn't mean we're like them. Just ask my mom. I mean, are you exactly like your parents?"

Embarrassed, he replied, "They wanted me to teach ethics..."

Cyniquote was in the middle of another argument, "Not all unicorns are like that!"

"Well, you know the candy bowl analogy?"

"Yes, I do. And as we can see, I'm a pegasus too and I'm stopping you. Guess our bowl isn't that safe either."

She looked and Snowstorm and said, "No, it's not..."

Meanwhile, Snowstorm started to conjure up a storm cloud insider her barrier, hiding herself inside.

Caution explained things to a fourth pony, "I don't mean to offend you, but aren't pegasi responsible for the most hit-and-runs. And most assaults?"

"Hey, I'm a pony, not a statistic!"

The officer gave it a thought and said, "Wait, is that how you felt? I'm sorry..."

Caution and Cyniquote kept going and talked to everyone except Snowstorm. Caution felt safe enough to make the barriers disappear. Unfortunately, the cloud that Snowstorm had made spread out and blinded everyone. When they finally dispersed the giant cloud, she had already flown away.

Caution said, "Even when there was nothing but pegasi around her, she wasn't happy. Does it even make a difference if we put her in jail?"

Cyniquote complained, "She's probably a mile away now. I'm too tired to fight her anyway," and rested on top of Caution's barrier.

One of the pegasi said, "We're... sorry for all we put you through. I had no idea it was so easy to make somepony feel oppressed."

Cyniquote replied, "I did, from personal experience."

Another one added, "Can we do something to make it up to you?"

"Well, I still don't know what to take as a Cloudsdale souvenir."

Caution and the pegasi crowded the shop, yelling over one another about what's the perfect souvenir. Cyniquote could just stand outside and say, "Oh no. I've created what I hate so much..."

Power of a bad idea
My last story with Snowstorm got a lot of attention. It was either because it was really good or because "Down with unicorns!" is a clickbait-y title. Probably the latter. :)
My fourth year on DeviantArt and the tradition continues. I list everybody who read my fanfics and analyses to thank them. It does take more effort to read a story than it does to read a comic, even a comic-fan like me will admit it:

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And I got 24 readers. Unfortunately not as many as last year, but I don't think I've reached my peak quite yet. I still have ideas that have to get out and room for improvement. Thank you for all your favorites and comments (positive or negative). Hopefully I'll give you even better stuff next year.


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